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Research Trucking Company Information

If you want to check SMS BASIC scores, carrier safety ratings or qualify carriers, we make it easy to research the most detailed, up-to-date information about trucking companies. Carrier411 gets data feeds directly from the FMCSA and consolidates them for you. Our carrier monitoring service provides the most reliable information for brokers and shippers to qualify carriers.

As of December 4, 2015, pursuant to the FAST Act of 2015 being signed into law, the FMCSA removed BASIC scores from public view on its website. The CSA program is not going away, but BASIC scores will remain unavailable to the public until the FMCSA can implement a corrective action plan.

The majority of CSA information related to property carrier compliance and safety performance will no longer be displayed publicly on the FMCSA SMS Website.

Streamlined Access to Information

Carrier411 provides streamlined access to current information about any trucking company. We consolidate and maintain several databases that we receive directly from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Our easy-to-use website and custom reports let you validate DOT authority, FMCSA safety records, insurance information and more within seconds.

  • • FreightGuard Reports
  • • Fraud Alert Search
  • • Company Locations
  • • SMS BASIC Scores
  • • Detailed Carrier History
  • • Inspection Summaries
  • • Crash Summaries
  • • Operting Authority
  • • Insurance Information
  • • Identification Numbers
  • • Types of Cargo Carried
  • • Carrier Safety Ratings

Create Custom Reports

Using our custom online reports, easily identify all your non-compliant carriers with one click. We guarantee you will be amazed at the things you did not know about your carriers.

Due Diligence Research

Carrier411 takes the hassles out of qualifying and monitoring carriers, and it reduces the risk of using unsafe, uninsured or unauthorized trucking companies. You can even print our exclusive Due Diligence Certificates for every trucking company to keep in your files as proof of due diligence when validating carriers.

Due Diligence Documentation

Should your company face negligent hiring claims, Carrier411 can provide proof of your due diligence through our access logs and monitoring records. As long as you remain a customer, we can reproduce your monitoring activity, including the insurance, authority and safety ratings of a motor carrier on any date.

Carrier Fraud Prevention

Carrier411 is the only monitoring service that offers a powerful fraud alert search and archive phone search to help you research carriers and dig deep into questionable corporate structures. We even integrated Google Maps to show the location and street view of company addresses. No matter how cunning people might be, fraudulent business practices frequently can be detected when you look for suggestive signs and distinguishing patterns. Included as part of our service at no additional charge, our fraud alert features are unequalled.

Our fraud alert features are designed to lessen your vulnerability by closely examining and identifying numerous suspect conditions that may exist for any company.

  • • Similar Company Names
  • • Neighboring Offices
  • • Coexisting Businesses
  • • Related Business Entities
  • • Complementary Mailing Addresses
  • • Coinciding Telephone Numbers
  • • Multiple Business Registrations
  • • New Businesses Formed
  • • Alternate Business Addresses
  • • Multiple Operating Authorities

Our exhaustive fraud alert search scours our constantly growing database of more than 1,479,000 companies throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico to find information that might raise an eyebrow and warrant further investigation. We also provide a contact information search to detect every time the company name, business address or phone number has changed.

Unlimited Carrier Monitoring

Not only can we import the MC numbers of your carriers to get started, but when you look up a company in our system, all you have to do is click one button to start the monitoring process. Doing so instantly adds them to your list of carriers. You can then rest easier knowing that Carrier411 automatically monitors all your registered carriers for you around the clock. The moment any information changes, we alert you instantly.

Export Data to Microsoft Excel

We make it easy to get data out of our system any time you like. Throughout the site, we provide the ability for you to generate Microsoft Excel files on demand with information about carriers. Save the carrier information locally to your computer and import it into your transportation management software.

TMS Software Integration

Integration with Carrier411 using our Web Services Interface is available though Certified Integration Partners including McLeod Software, TMW Systems, WolfByte Software, Strategy Systems, MercuryGate and others. Web services integration lets your brokerage software make on-demand remote procedure calls to interact with our system throughout the day in a real-time environment. We also offer a CSV File Download feature.

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"Carrier411 is a great website. It is fast, efficient and has everything you need in one place, including safety ratings. We depend on it to get accurate, reliable information on carriers right away."
Sabrina Hill
Sunset Transportation

"Carrier411 has given our company an efficient and reliable source for checking various reports for carriers. The ease and quick accessibility have eliminated several hours of work each week without having to compromise quality and service. This cost savings has allowed us to offer a competitive product within a high-performance culture to our existing and potential customer base."
Paula Bagley
Schneider Logistics

"We love using Carrier411. It's so flexible, and they keep it updated. It's easy to access, and all of our dispatchers love using it. The constant updates really help us. Its a great service, and we wouldn't do without it."
Fred Meredith
Meredith Transportation

"Carrier411 has been a great help. We use it to research and qualify all our carriers, and it has made things so much easier. We find everything we need to know, and the website is fast. We especially like the detailed carrier reports."
Wendy Jones
Total Transport

"We use Carrier411 because it is quick and easy. The information is reliable, and it's so user friendly. It is definitely an integral part of our carrier qualification program."
James Lee
Choptank Transport