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Carrier411 makes it easy to find and identify all SmartWay Transport Partners. SmartWay is the US Environmental Protection Agency's program for improving fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution from the transportation supply chain industry. If your company or its customers need to use SmartWay carriers, Carrier411 is the solution.

Carrier411 maintains current information to find trucking companies that are SmartWay Transport Partners.

The SmartWay Transport Partnership helps businesses move goods in the cleanest, most efficient way possible. By providing a consistent set of tools and information needed to make informed transportation choices, SmartWay enables companies across the supply chain to exchange performance data in ways that protect the environment, enhance our nation's energy security and foster economic vitality.

To encourage improvement, SmartWay provides incentives and recognition for top performers. The program is administered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Initiated in 2004, SmartWay aims to voluntarily achieve improved fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impacts from freight transport.

SmartWay partners demonstrate sustainable business practices through performance-based quantification and reporting protocols that benchmark and inform industry of freight operations and environmental efficiency.

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