Carrier Qualification Report Card

Evaluate Your Entire Carrier Base in Five Seconds

Create your own Carrier Qualification Report Card™ that thoroughly analyzes all your carriers on a single page. It can even be saved as PDF file to archive, easily share with colleagues and use in meetings.

  • • Carrier qualification analysis
  • • Carrier and broker authority analysis
  • • Carrier safety rating analysis
  • • SMS BASIC alert and score analysis
  • • Out of service (OOS) carrier analysis
  • • California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliance analysis
  • • FreightGuard report analysis

Enhanced with compelling charts and graphs for compliance and safety measurement, you won't believe how simply you can identify strengths and address risk-management issues for your carriers. Hands down, it is the most meaningful carrier qualification report available, and you can only get it from Carrier411.

Make Carrier Management More Effective

With our Carrier Qualification Report Card, you get detailed business-critical information about your carriers. Information is current and accurate, including carrier safety ratings, the percentage and number of your carriers with alerts in each SMS BASIC category, as well as carriers that have alerts in multiple SMS BASIC categories.

Export Report Card Data to Microsoft Excel

We make it easy to get data out of our system any time you like. Every breakdown on our Carrier Qualification Report Card can be exported to Microsoft Excel to identify effected carriers.

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