Carrier411 Overview

Qualify Carriers & Automatically Monitor Changes

As the leading carrier monitoring service, Carrier411 provides the ability to qualify and monitor trucking companies for changes in insurance, operating authority, carrier safety ratings and BASIC scores and more with remarkable efficiency and automation. We even make it easy for you to create Due Diligence Certificates or PDF Eco-Cert Certificates for any motor carrier.

Consolidated FMCSA Information

Our constantly growing database of more than 1,479,000 companies tracks every single motor carrier, broker and freight forwarder registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We even track all new authority applicants and MC numbers that get issued by the FMCSA throughout the week. Carrier411 makes it easy for you to conduct your due diligence and identify every regulatory compliance change any carrier has experienced, because we have been archiving critical data since 2004.

Monitor Carrier Safety, Insurance and Authority

Carrier411 helps with carrier relations. Our easy-to-use automated website enables you to research, qualify and monitor the insurance, operating authority and safety ratings of owner operators and trucking companies. Our system automatically alerts you as soon as any information is updated for your carriers.

  • • Continuously monitor all your carriers
  • • Avoid using unsafe, uninsured and unqualified carriers
  • • Reduce liability and risk associated with negligent hiring
  • • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork
  • • Decrease time spent qualifying carriers
  • • Research potential and current carriers
  • • Access detailed carrier information and reports
  • • Receive change alerts by fax, email and online

Get Proof of Your Due Diligence

Easily create your own Due Diligence Certificate or PDF Eco-Cert™ Certificate. Plus we keep access logs showing every time you inspect carrier information, so you can rely on Carrier411 to provide proof of due diligence that your company monitors carrier safety ratings, SMS BASIC scores, insurance and authority.

Stop Relying on Insurance Certificates

One of the first things transportation brokers do when qualifying and setting up a carrier they have never used is to require a faxed copy of the carrier's insurance and authority for validation. These documents are often filed with the carrier's contract and are usually not referenced again until needed, or until they have to be updated.

Where the Problem Begins

Despite the fact that insurance certificates are worthless, the expiration date of the carrier's insurance policy is often entered into a software program for tracking. It is assumed that the carrier's insurance is valid and will remain valid until the annual expiration date on the certificate. That is not always correct.

Insurance Can Be Cancelled Before It Expires

If a carrier does not pay its monthly premium, which often occurs, their insurance will be cancelled. Insurance claims can also result in a policy being cancelled prior to term. If the certificate holder does not validate a carrier's insurance on a regular basis, they may allow the carrier to continue hauling freight without coverage.

Certificate Holders May Not Be Notified

Another mistake is assuming that, as an insurance certificate holder, you will be notified by the insurance agent when a policy is cancelled. Do you believe insurance companies have the desire and time required to fax or mail cancellation notices to all certificate holders when a policy is cancelled? Even if they do, it may not be as soon as you would expect or need.

Operating Authority Can Be Revoked

When a carrier's cargo or liability insurance is cancelled, the U.S. Department of Transportation is promptly notified by the insurance underwriter and authority is revoked, unless the carrier obtained insurance from another provider. Involuntary revocation may also occur for reasons such as excessive violations by the carrier.

False Sense of Security

You may believe your company conducted its due diligence by being named as an insurance certificate holder. But the fact is, the carrier's cargo or liability insurance could be cancelled within weeks of you receiving the certificate from their agent. It is unlikely that you will be notified. The same circumstance applies to having a copy of the carrier's operating authority. Think about the last time a carrier called to let you know they just lost their insurance and authority?

TMS Software Integration

Integration with Carrier411 using our Web Services Interface is available though major TMS software providers including McLeod Software, TMW Systems, WolfByte Software, Strategy Systems, MercuryGate and others. Web services integration lets your brokerage software make on-demand remote procedure calls to interact with our system throughout the day in a real-time environment. We also offer a CSV File Download feature.

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Carrier411 can help protect your company from using unqualified, non-compliant and unsafe carriers. Get started today with our Risk-Free Trial Account and use Carrier411 free for 30 days to qualify and monitor your carriers for insurance, authority and safety.

"We use Carrier411 to qualify our carriers and monitor them on an ongoing basis. The web interface is very user-friendly and provides everyone in our office with access to information they need."
Tim Valdez
TAH Logistics

"We have found Carrier411 to be an indispensable tool when it comes to making sure the carriers we deal with have active interstate operating authority. As a 3PL provider, our business model relies on finding reliable carriers for our customers. The timely updates provided by Carrier411 have allowed us to screen out hundreds of carriers who were not suitable due to inactive authority. This amount of due diligence is critical in allowing us to maintain customer trust and confidence at consistently high levels"
Glenn Gaston
BNSF Logistics

"Carrier411 has an unparalleled ability to react to customer requests. Also, the site's existing capabilities helped us land a contract by getting a competitive bid to a customer faster than anyone else could... before the end of our 30 day trial."
Jim Mint
Comprehensive Traffic Systems