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Our popular carrier locator feature lets you search our master database of over 1,479,000 companies to find qualified carriers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Using a variety of custom search forms, you can easily find trucking companies that meet your standards, whenever and wherever you need them. You can even find carriers that applied with the FMCSA for new authority.

Search Over 1,479,000 Companies

Even though qualifying and monitoring carriers for insurance, authority, safety ratings and SMS BASIC scores is the core of our service, Carrier411 makes it easy for you to find trucking companies by searching our growing database of trucking companies. Use our radius search engine and specify the types of cargo carried, number of trucks required, and safety rating to find the best trucking companies to satisfy customer needs.

Secret Weapon to Find Trucking Companies

Our carrier database, which keeps growing by the day, has commonly been referred to as a "secret weapon" by many transportation brokers, who keep asking us to stop sharing their secret for finding carriers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Radius Search with Pinpoint Accuracy

Our powerful search engine lets you enter any city, state and radius in miles to find qualified trucking companies that meet your requirements. The number of trucks is included, along with information about insurance, authority and carrier safety ratings. You can even search by the types of cargo carried.

  • • General Freight
  • • Household Goods
  • • Metal (Sheets, Coils, Rolls)
  • • Logs, Poles, Beams, Lumber
  • • Building Materials
  • • Mobile Homes
  • • Machinery, Large Objects
  • • Fresh Produce
  • • Liquids/Gases
  • • Intermodal Containers
  • • Commodities Dry Bulk
  • • Refrigerated Food
  • • Beverages
  • • Paper Products
  • • Agricultural/Farm Supplies
  • • U.S. Mail
  • • Grain, Feed, Hay
  • • Coal/Coke
  • • Meat
  • • Chemicals

Export Data to Microsoft Excel

We make it easy to get data out of our system any time you like. Throughout the site, we provide the ability for you to generate Microsoft Excel files on demand with information about carriers. Save the carrier information locally to your computer and import it into any database or your transportation management software.

Find Canadian Carriers

Whether you need trucks in Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario or any other province, we make it easy to find trucks throughout Canada. Select a province and click the button to get a detailed list of Canadian trucking companies, including the number of trucks and other helpful information to find the best Canadian carriers.

Find Mexican Trucking Companies

We now offer the most comprehensive information on qualified trucking companies from Aguascalientes to Zacatecas with our new Mexican carrier search.

Find New Trucking Companies

We also list new trucking companies that applied for and received their authority. Prospecting for carriers and finding additional capacity has never been easier.

TMS Software Integration

Integration with Carrier411 using our Web Services Interface is available though major TMS software providers including McLeod Software, TMW Systems, WolfByte Software, Strategy Systems, MercuryGate and others. Web services integration lets your brokerage software make on-demand remote procedure calls to interact with our system throughout the day in a real-time environment. We also offer a CSV File Download feature.

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"Since we started using Carrier411, we've been able to avoid problematic situations before they occur. The email updates are timely and accurate. They allow us to keep track of our client's authority and insurance in real time status, and Carrier411's customer service is exceptional."
Justin Bollman
Nationwide Transport Finance

"We believe Carrier411 is a valuable and powerful tool, not only for finding new carriers, but also for maintaining information and compliance of our current carrier base. We are very pleased with the user friendly format and the ability of Carrier411 to adapt quickly to our needs if necessary."
Chuck Bryan
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"Carrier411 saves us time qualifying and monitoring our carriers. It makes our job easier, allows us to work smarter, and it helps provide better service to customers when choosing carriers for their shipments."
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